Diffractor 116 Beta 2015-12-01
I am happy to announce the next version of Diffractor is in Beta: http://www.diffractor.com/DiffractorSetup.Beta.exe

Been a long time so the list of improvements is long:
  • Searches can now filter on media type with new photo|video|audio keywords. For example 'Photo C:\Users\zac\Pictures' only shows photos in that folder.
  • Keywords in searches can now be identified with a # symbol. For example '#tree' shows my all items tagged with tree.
  • Files in sub-folders can be show using ** query syntax. For example 'C:\Users\zac\Pictures\**' lists all the items in sub-folders.
  • File globbing can now be used on folders. For example 'C:\Users\zac\Pictures\*.jpg'
  • It is now possible to add negatives to a search. For example '-London' searches for items without the text 'London'.
  • Files with Duplicates or sidecars (external thumbnail, xmp or subtitles) are indicated with a small number icon.
  • Added a new related media search to show duplicate or related items. For example 'related:C:\Users\zac\Pictures\family.jpg' shows duplicates and images with similare date and location properties.
  • Sorting by camera or Megapixels has been added.
  • 'Open with' integrates with windows to get a more accurate list of compatible applications
  • Viewing properties for multiple selected items now possible. Previously only show properties for single focus item.
  • Performance greatly improved by switching to Direct3d 11. Unfortunately this means dropping support or Windows XP and Vista. Sorry XP folks.
  • Fixed selection of multiple items using control or shift keys.
  • Added buttons on screen to allow moving to the next or previous media item.
  • New layout of controls related to playing and viewing media.
  • Added ability to edit common/favorite searches or folders.
  • Added tooltips in many areas to help users identify what a given button will do.
As usual report any problems here.

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