Diffractor 122.15 2021-02-18

Diffractor122.15 can now be downloaded here.

This release adds new features to make it easier to manage a large collection of photos and videos. It allows you to easily determine if an item is in your collection or not. All indexed locations combined make the collection.

The changes are:

  • Allow grouping items by presence. "Did you ever insert an old memory card and wonder do I have these photos on my hard disk? Now you can open diffractor and sort those items by presence in your collection. Items not in your collection will be grouped together."
  • #16 Separated ordering and sorting
  • #23 Fixed crash when structured copy dialogue opened on an invalid drive.
  • #12 Added support for .m2ts files
  • #24 Fixed for importing before all selected items are fully scanned
  • #10 Returned shift based selection of multiple items
  • #25 Returned drag and drop of items to/from windows explorer
  • #26 Reduced the amount of CPU used when starting Diffractor.