Diffractor v125.0


This release removes any payment verification screens. It also includes several small fixes:

  • Support display scale factor #111
  • Make Diffractor free #110
  • slide show stops bug #100
  • Option to remove shadows around image view panel #99
  • Caption/Description - mixed up #97
  • Full screen image not reloaded after tag or rename #95
  • Tags with space at the end #92
  • Add option to not update file modified timestamp when changing file metadata enhancement #86
  • HEIC Support #85
  • Allow space in search scope #42
  • very short wav files do not play bug #39
  • Option to toggle on/off playing media at the last known position enhancement #19
  • Better “customize” screen #18
  • Optimize network IO enhancement #15

Older versions are available at Github.

Diffractor can be used for free. If you find it useful, please help the project by donating.