Superfast searching, viewing and comparing of photos or videos on your PC.

Did you ever insert an old memory card and wonder; do I have these photos on my hard disk? Open Diffractor and sort those items by presence. Items not in your collection will be grouped together.

Diffractor indexes your photos and videos to enable searching and duplicate detection.

It is lightweight and optimized for Windows. It uses standard file formats and compliments other media applications. Learn more.

High performance viewing of photos including most RAW formats.


Diffractor v123 Beta 2021-04-17

Diffractor v123 Beta can now be downloaded here.

If you are interested in the future of Diffractor give it a try. One big difference is the dark palette. This allows Diffractor to do a lot more with color in the user interface. For example highlight differences and special items.

Send any feedback or bug reports here here.

Diffractor does not sell ads or your data. You can use Diffractor for free. If you find it useful please help the Diffractor project by becoming a sponsor.