Do you have a wild collection of
photos and videos on your PC?
- Tame it with Diffractor!

One app for searching, viewing, editing and duplicate detection of photos or videos. Diffractor indexes your existing files for superfast performance. It uses standard file formats and compliments other media applications. Learn more.

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for Windows
Ver: 123.1
Date: 2021-5-5
High performance viewing of photos including most RAW formats.


Diffractor v123.0 2021-04-26

Diffractor 123.0 can now be downloaded here.

This is a major release including many improvements. The main changes are:

  • Diffractor has been translated into German by a helpful volunteer. This is exciting because Diffractor has many German users. Wunderbar!
  • The sidebar has new history and map selectors. They allow quick searches by date and country.
  • The dark color scheme allows Diffractor to do more with color in the user interface. For example highlight differences and special items.
  • Comparing photos and other files has been enhanced to show differences in file attributes.

Diffractor can be used freely for evaluation. If you find it useful please help the project by purchasing Diffractor.